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Richard III Dig Site Yields Interesting Coffin

Do you remember the car park where archaeologists, against all odds, found the bones of Richard III of England? Well digging is still going on, and now the team have found an interesting burial. There are two layers, one a stone casket two metres long, with a lead coffin inside. Both are intact.

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Old Camera Yields WW1 Photos

People who collect old cameras probably won’t think much of this story, but I thought it was marvellous: Anton Orlov was working on an antique camera he’d acquired – a Jumelle Bellieni stereoscopic – and found eight previously lost photos dating from the World War One era. The contents include pictures of soldiers and planes, and Yahoo has a couple. You never know what you might find…

Sea walk yields Stone Age Axe

Sometimes I write these news reports just because I wish it had happened to be. Alan Price, a carer with a background in archaeology, went for a walk on the shores of Orkney recently, and discovered an interesting object on the beach: part of a Palaeolithic axe which could be anywhere from 100,000 to 450,000 years old. Such axes are rare, especially in Scotland, and apparently amazed the archaeologists he took it too. The Scotsman‘s got a quote from Aberdeen University lecturer Carlin Wickham-Jones explaining “If it really comes from Orkney, it would change our understanding of the whole of Scotland. It would set back our known history from 14,000 years ago to at least 100,000 years ago.”