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The Malmesbury Judgement of Paris: the Full Picture: Updated Research Report 1. (Art History Today)

An interesting history-related post from Art History Today:


1. Raphael's 1512 'The Judgement of Paris'
Attributed to Raphael, The Judgement of Paris, Private Collection, U.K., 1512.
The recent announcement that the Malmesbury Judgement of Paris was painted by Raphael has, unsurprisingly, provoked comment. At the time of the last few posts on the subject, AHT was not in possession of the full research picture and had tried to summarise the section on the painting in Graeme Cameron’s The Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci Vol 1, which is the tip of a very large attribution iceberg. However, that has now been remedied, and it is intended to present most of that information on this blog ...

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