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Daily History Picture: Gas Chambers (Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog:

Allegedly the walls of the gas chamber at Auschwitz. not been able to confirm…

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The Truth behind the Kitchener ‘Your Country Needs You’ Poster (About.com European History)

An interesting history-related post from About.com European History:

One of the most famous British images of World War One is the recruitment poster featuring a moustachioed Lord Kitchener, finger pointing out, saying 'Your Country Needs You'. But historian James Taylor has been doing some digging, and he's discovered that the truth is a little different. It was not, as usually thought, widely distributed and responsible for filling the ranks of the army, in fact it wasn't a poster at all. This Telegraph article sums up the conclusions, but Taylor has written a whole book if you're interested, called 'Your Country Needs You.'

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Another Award for Harvey … time to ask, is it evidence of prosperity gospel truth? (RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY)

An interesting history-related post from RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY:

Congratulations to Paul Harvey for winning the UCCS Chancellor's Award. The author of so many terrific books; the editor of a blog that we read for some unknown reason; a passionate teacher who tries not to get too upset with his students who still, for yet other unknown reasons, support the Confederacy (or at least its "rights"), Paul has another trophy to put on his mantle. Now, if only he could win some kind of award for his jumper.

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The Truth About George Washington’s False Teeth (American Revolution and Founding Era)

An interesting history-related post from American Revolution and Founding Era:

A subject that has long fascinated Americans of every age is that of George Washington and his false teeth. Standing at over six feet tall with a lean, muscular body, George Washington embodied physical toughness and rugged strength. He successfully fought off many illnesses in his life, but one area of his physique that showed serious wear and vulnerability was his mouth. Washington had terrible dental health.

Tooth decay was, of course, a serious problem prior to modern era advances in dentistry. Not surprisingly, Washington fell victim to this malady. Unfortunately for Washington, it was a particularly painful and debilitating ...

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