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Daily History Picture: Irish History

Loved this!

JFK Assassination

As most of you know, today is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.  Honestly, it has ben in the news so much that I didn’t see the point of doing anything here other than marking the day (you’ll note I posted on something completely differently).  Here, though, is a nice list of some resources if you want them.

First Submerged Launching of an A-3 Polaris Missile – 26 Oct 1963

On October 26, 1963,the first submerged launching of the Navy’s 2500 nautical mile A-3 Polaris Missile was successfully made by the gold crew of the USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619), commanded by Commander James B. Wilson, USN, from a point some 30 miles off Cape Canaveral, Florida.  A practice warhead was hurled over 2,000 NM down the Atlantic Missile Range to land on target.  The A-3 Missile added 1,000 NM miles to the reach of the Polaris nuclear retaliatory missile system.

USS Holland (SS-1) makes her first successful submerged run: 17 March 1898

On St. Patrick’s Day, 1898, the USS Holland (SS-1) made her first successful submerged run.  Irish-born American schoolteacher and inventor, John Phillip Holland (1842-1914) is often considered the man who contributed most to the development of the submarine.   The Story of the Holland Submarine by Richard Knowles Morris was told in the January 1960 [...]