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Venice 3- Portraits. (Art History Today)

An interesting history-related post from Art History Today:

Famous for its portraits of Doges, especially Bellini’s- below, here’s a brief survey of the subject.


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Northern Arapaho Tribe seeks to kill more eagles (Native America, Discovered and Conquered)

An interesting history-related post from Native America, Discovered and Conquered:

In March, citizens of the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming were granted their first permit to kill two bald eagles.

They now say they will negotiate with the United States for the right to claim more of the birds for use in religious ceremonies.

The Tribe's plan raises concerns with animal advocates, who say there are ways to honor spiritual traditions without killing animals. In what the pressed called the first decision of its kind, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on March 9 approved a "take" permit allowing the Tribe to harvest two of the national birds. The approval came after the ...

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SMH Member Blogger Seeks Same (Blog Them Out of the Stone Age)

An interesting history-related post from Blog Them Out of the Stone Age:

If you’re a member of the Society for Military History and maintain a blog that relates to military history and/or national security  (or if you contribute to a group blog), I’d appreciate your indicating that in a response to this post. (I’d also be interested in hearing from members with a Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter [...]

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Florida Public Archaeology lab seeks volunteers (The History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from The History Blog:

If you’re in north Florida or environs and you’re an archaeology junkie with zero experience, you can volunteer to help sort archaeological artifacts in the laboratory of the Florida Public Archaeology Network in Pensacola.

The lab is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and you don’t have to volunteer for more than a day at a time, so you could make a long weekend out of it and pile into the car to party with the oldies. There is no age limit. Repeat: kids can do this!

Volunteers will help rough sort artifacts recovered from ...

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