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Daily History Picture: Ancient Jerusalem (Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog)

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Wake up and smell the pomegranates

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History Roundup 358 including Ostrich Egg Writing (Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog)

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Today’s links follow. 1) Masquerade Balls: England 2) DNA in detail (abstract): Britain (been waiting years for this) 3) DNA in detail (BBC article): Britain 4) Collapse of a Kingdom: Mexico 5) Husband Killing: France 6) Non-Highwayman: England 7) More Elegy for Hatra: Iraq 8) Eulogy on an Ostrich Egg: Egypt and from the archives […]

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Kings 6 (Art History Today)

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The Layout of the Spanish Collections, Velasquez’s Technique and Alonso de Cárdenas at the English Sales – link



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Suspect in courthouse Gold Rush nugget theft arrested (The History Blog)

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One of the two men suspected of having stolen $3,000,000 worth of Gold Rush-era gold from the Siskiyou County Courthouse in Yreka, California, on February 1st, 2012, has surrendered to police and been arrested. He is being held on $1 million bail. The second suspect remains at large.

On Tuesday, March 26th, the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office and Siskiyou County Superior Court issued arrest warrants for David Jean Johnson, 49, of El Cerrito and Scott Wayne Baily, 51, of El Sobrante, for grand theft and burglary of artifacts worth more than $1 million. On Thursday detectives searched the ...

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The Rise and the Decline of the Gold Rush Era in the United States (USHistoryFiles - American History Blog)

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Guest blogger Donna Johnson provides us with this article on the Gold Rush.


A Brief History of the Gold Rush                                                                                                  

The first gold rush in American history took place in 1799, just east of Charlotte, North Carolina. So much gold was discovered during the Carolina Gold Rush that a branch of the United States Mint was established in Charlotte to mint the newly discovered gold. Subsequent gold rushes took place in Georgia in 1829, in Pike’s Peak, Colorado in 1858, and in several places in Alaska throughout the 1890s.

When people speak of “the ...

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Archaeologists rush against Encroaching Sea (About.com European History)

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When Bronze Age people in Dorset, England, built a series of barrows four thousand years ago on high points, they were constructed two miles from the coast. But now, the coast has eroded so far people fear all five of the earthworks might be lost to the sea within fifty years. To try and record their form and function, archaeologists are to begin a study of three of the structures. As the barrows are scheduled monuments - which means access and digs are strictly controlled - permission has been given and the National Trust will be conducting the dig. This ...

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Destruction of USS Maine and the Rush Toward War (Naval History Blog)

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The Spanish-American War (21 April–13 August 1898) was a turning point in United States history, signaling the country’s emergence as a world power. The sinking of the battleship USS Maine in Havana Harbor on 15 February 1898 was a critical event on the road to that war. Many Cubans desired independence from Spain, and political [...]

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The California Gold Rush