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Fred Shuttlesworth: A Fire You Can’t Put out (RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY)

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Paul Harvey

Rest in peace, Fred Shuttlesworth, who led an amazing career as an Alabamian, a Baptist minister, a civil rights activist in Birmingham long before the the Southern Christian Leadership Conference arrived there in 1963. His career is given a brief and appreciative overview here, and here. But this would be a good time to remind everyone of one of the classics of civil rights history, one that in my opinion remains underappreciated: Andrew Manis, A Fire You Can't Put Out: The Civil Rights Life of Birmingham's Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth (University of Alabama Press, 2001). There's a ...

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Benjamin Franklin Put To Rest (About.com American History)

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On April 21, 1790, Benjamin Franklin was buried in what was considered one of the most splendid funerals ever seen in Philadelphia. One of America's founding fathers, Franklin's role in drafting the Declaration of Independence is still remembered today.


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Vote to put a historical car on display at Smithsonian (The History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from The History Blog:

The Smithsonian has a large collection of historical transportation, but most of the 73 vehicles have never been on display. The America on the Move exhibit at the National Museum of American History only showcases 14 of them. The rest live under tarps in a storage warehouse miles away from the National Mall.

Now for the first time the Smithsonian is opening the warehouse to let the public vote for two of its cars to roar out of the darkness into the Mall light. Over the past week, Roger White, Associate Curator in the Division of Work and Industry at ...

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Ski resort can put wastewater snow on sacred mountains (Native America, Discovered and Conquered)

An interesting history-related post from Native America, Discovered and Conquered:

On Wednesday, a federal judge upheld a decision by the U.S. Forest Service to allow snowmaking with treated wastewater at a northern Arizona ski resort.

The ruling dealt a blow to environmentalists who are trying to stop snowmaking on the San Francisco Peaks.

American Indian tribes and Indian plaintiffs lost this argument in a separate lawsuit filed on religious grounds.

The Save the Peaks Coalition and a group of citizens sued the Forest Service in September 2009. They sought to have a judge force the agency to do a more thorough environmental assessment on the health and safety risks of ...

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