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Pre-Raphaelite mural found in William Morris’ Red House (The History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from The History Blog:

A mural painted by Pre-Raphaelite luminaries has been found hidden behind patches of 1960s wallpaper and a wardrobe in the master bedroom of Red House, the custom home built in 1859 for William Morris, founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, and his new wife Jane Burden. They only lived in the house for five years, selling it in 1865. It passed through various hands until 2003 when it was acquired by the National Trust. The interior had been subjected to some unfortunate renovation choices over the decades, among them the application of imitation William Morris wallpaper over the ...

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Robert Morris, the Financier of the American Revolution, a Review (Blog 4 History: American & Civil War History)

An interesting history-related post from Blog 4 History: American & Civil War History:

Gary B. Nash is a fairly popular historian for not just high school history instructors, but college professors as well. If we were to take Nash at face value in his assessment of Robert Morris, we would come to the conclusion that the man was one of “wealth, hugely increased during the depths of the war, he was supremely insensitive to the poor. A former slave trader and present slave owner, he had little sympathy for African-Americans. As for Native Americans, his interest was only I the profits he could accrue by speculating on their lands.” He was a man ...

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