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Leading Welsh Archaeologist Argues with Heritage Minister (About.com European History)

An interesting history-related post from About.com European History:

Steve Clarke, the head of Monmouth Archaeology, believes his group have found evidence in Wales of a Bronze Age structure which might be unique in Britain. The possible 'Long House', built using entire logs, would merit protected status, but the Heritage Minister has issued a statement with a different interpretation, saying the site may be Roman, isn't prehistoric, and doesn't yet deserve scheduled ancient monument status.


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British Prime Minister: ‘We won’t send Elgin Marbles back’ (About.com European History)

An interesting history-related post from About.com European History:

A question in the British Houses of Parliament about Greece's potential financial meltdown took on an historical air when it was finished by a call to return the Elgin / Parthenon Marbles back to Greece. The marbles had been bought by Lord Elgin from the region's then owners, but the current Greek government would like them back. British Prime Minister David Cameron responded "I'm afraid I don't agree ... the short answer is that we're not going to lose them." (Cited from the Guardian) You can read more about the marbles here, and give your view here.

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Malcolm X: Minister, Trickster, Black America, and Person (RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY)

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Emily Clark
I apologize for the length, but the book took two decades and is 500 pages – not something quickly summarized!

Manning Marable died of health complications just days before the release of his magnum opus Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. I posted about it during the few days between his death and the book’s release, but getting around to reading the book had to wait until the spring semester wrapped up. Marable’s task is clear from the title of the prologue; he sought to discover the “life beyond the legend.” With a particular focus to ...

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Applying General Patton’s Story to Japan’s Prime Minister (Blog Them Out of the Stone Age)

An interesting history-related post from Blog Them Out of the Stone Age:

Reprinted from the Washington Post section On Leadership The Question: How likely is it the horrific tragedy in Japan will rewrite Prime Minister Kan’s story, from that of an unpopular politician facing scandal to a strong leader guiding a country through crisis? “What have you done for me lately?” The answer in the case of Prime Minister [...]

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