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Why Social Gospel History Still Matters: Newest Christian History Magazine Issue (Religion in American History)

An interesting history-related post from Religion in American History:

by Janine Giordano Drake

 Historiographical debates on the origins of the Social Gospel movement used to strike me as irrelevant. Why does it really matter, I thought, whether the Social Gospel movement was a Protestant "response" to changes in industrial America, or whether Protestant church leaders had been addressing the importance of justice and equity for years?

Whether or not their interest in charity and a living wage was a recent turn of the early twentieth century, I thought, white male Protestants were still quite far from radicals. They still saw themselves as the only ones fit to rule in ...

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Revolutionary Con(tra)ceptions: Evangelicals, Family Matters, and Presidential Politics (RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY)

An interesting history-related post from RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY:

by Carol Faulkner

Forreaders of Religion in American History, Saturday’s online New York Times juxtaposes several interesting articles. The firstis a Room-for-Debate exchange on Newt Gingrich’s response to his ex-wife’s allegationthat he asked for an open marriage (“False!”), which received resoundingapproval from a South Carolina audience this week. The second is a column by Mark Oppenheimer on how evangelical voters celebrate the large families of theRepublican presidential candidates.  Thethird is an opinion piece on Gingrich’s marital revelations by Gail Collins.Collins and the other NYT writers all puzzle over the evangelical voters’tolerance of hypocrisy and contradiction. These articles also present a ...

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Gender Matters: My Lesson for Women’s History Month (RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY)

An interesting history-related post from RELIGION IN AMERICAN HISTORY:

By Kelly Baker

Okay, so I am a little late to the party. It is already March 14th, and I am just getting around to my own reflections on National Women's History Month (NWHM). I even missed International Women's Day, but I think President Obama had it covered. (Historiann, the better blogger, already commented on the sausage fest that is the National Endowment Humanities Medal winners.) Timely, I am not.

The theme for NWHM this year is "Our History is Our Strength." As a historian and as a woman (I wonder why I feel the need to ...

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