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Suzanne Fields on George Washington (American Revolution and Founding Era)

An interesting history-related post from American Revolution and Founding Era:

On this Washington's Birthday holiday, I thought I'd share a great article about the father of our country. It's written by columnist Suzanne Fields and appears over at Townhall.com.

"Lessons from George Washington" 
by Suzanne Fields

Only Americans of a certain age remember what the holiday on the third Monday in February is all about. I asked a few high-school students the other day what it is, exactly, we celebrate with "Presidents Day." One young man suggested that it was about selling used cars, since there are so many newspaper advertisements and television commercials announcing "birthday sales."

So much for ...

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Stagecoach Mary Fields (About.com American History)

An interesting history-related post from About.com American History:

Want to learn about a fascinating character from the "Wild West?" Stagecoach Mary Fields does not fit the typical image of the wild west. While six foot tall and able to drink with the best of them, she also happened to be a former slave who decided to make her way west. After some time, she found employment delivering the mail, where she earned her nickname. Read about this interesting yet not well known figure from America's past.

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Bunhill Fields Protected (About.com European History)

An interesting history-related post from About.com European History:

A cemetery in the middle of London has been given Grade I listed status, which means any developments to its fabric have to be cleared by a special body. The cemetery is notable for housing the graves of a number of Britain's best known authors, from William Blake to John Bunyan.

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On the Fields of Perryville (History Matters: Musings of Jared Frederick)

An interesting history-related post from History Matters: Musings of Jared Frederick:

We returned from our fantastic history road trip during spring break on Friday. I hope to share photos and video from many of the historic sites we Penn State students visited over the week. After a full day of driving from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, our first stop was Perryville Battlefield State Park, located in the rolling hillsides of rural Kentucky. Other than three or four other people we encountered during our visit, we had the battlefield entirely to ourselves. It was a pleasant change of pace when pondering the frequent congestion of battlefields like Gettysburg. This will be the first ...

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