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Durham POW camp to get emergency repairs (The History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from The History Blog:

English Heritage is spending an immediate £500,000 ($775,550) to save two buildings at Harperley Prisoner of War Camp in County Durham, northeast England. Harperley was built in 1943 on requisitioned farmland by Italian PoWs who were classified as low risk or ‘White’ prisoners. They were housed in tents when they first arrived, and then employed to construct the 50 or so Ministry of War-supply huts that would become their temporary homes. The inmates put up prefabricated walls on concrete foundations and roofed them with sheets of corrugated asbestos. Then they painted them inside and out with lead paint.

Almost as ...

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Dark age haunting in the County Durham (Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog)

An interesting history-related post from Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog:

Beachcombing likes to think of the little village of Shincliffe sometimes as night is falling, particularly if it’s raining. True, he’s never been to this particular corner of the north of England. But he’s done the next best thing – looked at google earth and several OS maps. And he suspects that he knows it as well as any other non-visitor.

His fascination in this obscure Co. Durham settlement stems from its name, which has not changed substantially from when it was first recorded almost a thousand years ago.

C. 1110 it was written Schinneclif. And as this is and ...

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